Putting our customers first since 1988.

Welcome to Brophy Brothers Wholesale. For over 30 years, Brophy Brothers has been a trusted supplier in New York's wholesale produce markets, providing our customers with the freshest fruits and vegetables available.

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Competitive Pricing

We update our Price List Page weekly to ensure the most competitive pricing. To receive our price list via e-mail, please fill out your information on our Contact Us page to join our mailing list and receive weekly updates.

Operational Efficiency

Our single level warehouse space shortens the time from order placement to product placed on the dock. Expanded dock space means that our new fleet of refrigerated trucks can pick up their orders and be back on the road in minutes.

State of the Art Refrigeration

Our recently upgraded facility is equipped with computer-regulated refrigeration technology, designed to respond instantly to humidity and temperature fluctuations to ensure only the freshest produce will be delivered right to your door via our new fleet of trucks.

On Time Delivery

Delivering the finest quality fruits and vegetables on-time and at the right temperature is the key to our success. At Brophy Brothers, we offer daily morning deliveries six days per week with afternoon and emergency deliveries accommodated.

We have an extensive range of products on offer, click on one of options to view our selection.

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A full piece of ginger is actually called a rhizome, not a root.
In the 1970s, a Romanian church distributed garlic to its churchgoers. They watched for who refused to eat the garlic, and assumed them to be vampires.
If we told you this was a screen grab from Finding Nemo, would you believe us?
Behind the scenes photo of what goes into your favorite Fig Newtons!